The Stanislaus difference! - Packed from Fresh Tomatoes, Not from Concentrate...

Visitors to our state-of-the-art Modesto cannery during the summer harvest season are amazed at how fast everything moves—the people, the equipment, and especially the tomatoes.  See the videos below of our visit this summer.

It's a fast-flowing river of red tomatoes that runs 24 hours per day, seven days per week!

There's a very good reason why we move so quickly. Because we pack 100% of our products from fresh tomatoes, 100% of our annual production must be fresh-packed during the three-month vine-ripe season.

Of course, it would be cheaper (and easier!) to do it like the other guys and Re-Manufacture tomato products year-round from bulk industrial tomato concentrate and water—but we do things differently! Our customers understand and are willing to pay for the extra effort and investment of fresh-packed tomato products. Our customers understand "Real Italian" taste and they know the only way to capture just-picked fresh tomato flavor is to rush the tomatoes straight from the field into the same can they open in their restaurant.

That's why every can of our tomato products carries a logo that proudly guarantees it's "Packed From Fresh Tomatoes, Not From Concentrate"!

Tomatoes being harvested in the field:

Tomatoes Shake Free From Plants

Tomatoes Shake on Removing all Stems

Tomatoes Loaded Into Trucks to Send for Processing